Pate Engineering is one of the oldest, most respected, most experienced Structural Engineering firms in the communications industry!

Are you happy with your present tower engineering? Have you been getting the quality analysis, design, and drawings that you require? Sometimes the lowest price may not result in the lowest overall project cost. It’s tempting to save a few thousand dollars on upfront engineering fees. However, this may result in tens of thousands of dollars more in actual construction costs.

As you may be aware, municipalities, counties, and zoning boards are demanding that carriers colocate on existing towers. In some cases they will not allow an old tower to be replaced with a new one. Colocating on these old towers often requires unique, complex, and expensive modifications.

Pate Engineering has been meeting this demand for more than twenty years. We are dedicated to identifiying cutting edge development of many methods for upgrading towers and foundations. Some of these special methods include pumping grout into tower legs, installing pin bases on fixed-base guyed towers, and micro-pile foundation modification. Many times “the easy way out” for the engineer is to field weld steel onto a tower. This damages the galvanized surface, shortens the life of the tower and is a fire hazard. Pate Engineering will avoid, unless absolutely necessary, field welding on a tower. Keep in mind that all the engineering in the world is useless if the work is not done in accordance with the drawings. Therefore, by using our inspection services, you can be sure that your Contractor has done the job correctly.

Pate Engineering has worked on over 3,000 towers in the Southeast. We may already have information on your tower. So give us a call and let us show you what we can do.