• Do you have control over what is happening to your towers?

• Do you know which users/operators are on your towers?

• Do you know what modifications have been made to your tower by various users?

• Do you have complete records, reports and drawings of modifications made to your tower?

We have found that many tower owners cannot answer “yes” to the above questions. Pate Engineering has been in the tower engineering field for more than 20 years. During that time, we have provided engineering services for more than 3,000 towers.

Our years of experience have revealed some of the problems that can develop when an owner does not know the answers to these questions.

When an owner does not know the occupants of his towers, there will be unused antennas and lines taking up capacity. This can lead to overstressing of the tower structure, reduction in capacity, and lost revenue.

When different engineers design and install modifications to a tower, these engineers may not be aware of previous modifications. This can lead to multiple complications when the work is to be done in the field. Different modification schemes will not often work together efficiently.

Not having complete records can, at best, be confusing and at worst, catastrophic. Modifications or changes must take into consideration previous changes.

Often the tower owner is approached over the years by a number of PCS or other users. Each user has their own engineering firm perform an analysis and tower upgrade as needed. Very often, User A, User B and the Owners are not coordinated. The user’s interest is getting their equipment up and on line as economically and quickly as possible. This may not be in the best interest of the tower owner.

To address thses problems, Pate Engineering is introducing our “Tower Engineering Management Program” (TEMP).


A brief outline of our TEMP program consists of the following:

  1. Pate Engineering would meet with the owner or owner’s representative to gather all relevant information available on the tower/towers. We would then correlate the information with the tower survey to bring the data current. Where information is missing concerning tower modifications, the owner would request any missing drawings, analysis reports, etc. to bring their files up to date.

  2. All future requests for attachment to the tower would go through the owners.

  3. The owner would charge the user for all engineering services relative to the user’s attachment to the tower.

  4. Pate Engineering would perform the analysis reports, tests, modifications etc. for the owner. This will insure that the best interests of the owner are maintained.

  5. Pate Engineering will do a final inspection to assure that the work has been done in accordance with the drawings.

  6. Pate Engineering will prepare, with the cooperation of the tower contractor, a set of “as built” drawings for the owner’s records.

Benefits of TEMP

Pate Tower Engineering Service provides three primary benefits to owner:

  1. Safe operation of tower.

  2. Maximum revenue per tower.

  3. Complete records of tower modifications and occupants.

Call Pate Engineering to find out how we can help you get the highest return on your investment and maintain a safe tower.